TechNet was established in 1991 as a closed research and development computer network for academics at the National University of Singapore. It was set up by the National Science and Technology Board of Singapore (NSTB).

TechNet's international connectivity was provided by a 128kbps satellite link from JvNCnet.

In March 1995, the Pacific Internet Consortium (SembMedia, ST Computer Systems and SIM) bought TechNet, and commercialised its services in September 1995 when it launched Pacific Internet Corporation Pte Ltd.

This page pays tribute to the predecessors that once provided Singapore's first Internet access service.

The honourees:
  • solomon (whois, rs, is, ns)
  • darwin (gopher, homepage)
  • edison (gopher)
  • davinci (www, register, indy, proxy)
  • einstein (mailhost, mailserver, slip)
  • lincoln (netfind)
  • menicus (ftp)
  • raffles (newsserver, newsreader, news, usenet)
  • kermit, listserver, waisserver, mud, irc, informix, ds
  • curie
  • lynx
  • lynx{88,90}
  • mozart
  • {technet,jvnc}-ser-gw
  • cisco{3-9}
  • cisco-{jvncT1,singnet,jvnc768}
  • cisco7000
  • c7000-{jvnc,cisco,technet}
  • proteon{1-2}
  • hphub
  • pn1
  • nb1
  • pppslip{1-7}
  • ascend-max
  • cs{1-3}
  • cserver{1-3}
  • dyn{4-163}.slip
  • dyn{4-163}.ppp

This page is not affiliated to or endorsed by Pacific Internet.
Its existence serves only a nostalgic function.

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